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Every Child's Right to Painless Days

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The World Health Organization defines palliative care for children as "the active total care of the child’s body, mind and spirit, and also involves  giving  support  to  the  family.  Optimally,  this  care  begins when a life-threatening illness or condition is diagnosed and continues regardless of whether or not a child receives treatment directed at the underlying illness.”

Recent Updates:

Dr. Rakesh Sharma, Chairman Pain & Palliative Care Chapter of IAP, delivering his presentation in HIMPEDICON-2019 at RPGMC Tanda.

Inauguration of IAP Pain & Palliative Chapter at Delhi

About Us And Our Work

IAP Pain and Palliative Care era in India was first initiated in 2015 and the body was then recognized by central IAP in Feb, 2017.  The group is aimed at sensitizing and training of pediatricians, doctors, medical and para-medical staff. So far so much has been done to create awareness in pain management and palliative care in children. First conference of pain and palliative care was held in 2016 in the month of October. Since then many workshops and CMEs have been held in India which have aided in uplifting the knowledge and perception about palliative care in India.

Our Goals and objectives

Beside providing a painless and supportive lifestyle in children, we are aimed at establishing and promoting knowledge and interest in Pediatric Pain & Palliative care.  We aim at promoting and conducting research, impart specialized training and organizing scientific meetings on Pediatric Pain management and palliative care. We also aim to establish specialized Training center in various parts of the country, so that the knowledge of palliative care could be wide spread to each and everyone..